Summit Initiatives: Expand Participation, Minimize Risk, Maximize Performance

2016 NFHS Essentials Summit: Expand Participation, Minimize Risk, and Maximize Performance.

Youth Sports of the Americas

Dedicated to provide an unparalleled platform for promoting inclusive, sustainable, healthy, safe and enjoyable youth sports participation.

Through collaborative research, education and distinctive athlete services and programs, our differentiating, evidenced-informed focus will help each youth athlete achieve individual athletic and sport success, while establishing a foundation for life-long fitness and health.

"There is no question our youth need to be active, and participating in youth sports can be fundamental in meeting physical activity needs. However, too many young athletes are doing too much, too often without enough time for rest and recovery – with far too many kids suffering serious and sometimes life-altering injuries. Youth Sports of the Americas will embrace and promote enjoyable youth sports participation and optimal athletic performance and achievement, while also creating a culture to protect each athlete’s health and safety."

~ Michael F. Bergeron, Ph.D., FACSM, President & Chief Executive Officer of Youth Sports of the Americas.